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    Research and development


    We continually pursue new ways to innovate in order to keep ahead of the constantly evolving trends in our industry.  Our commitment to quality ensures that we consistently offer our customers the highest levels of product quality that the industry has to offer. 

    For over 20 years, we have always maintained a team of experts recruited from around the world.  They bring with them a rich variety of managerial and practical experience in the latest tanning technologies and the leather manufacturing industry. 

    Through continuous integration and the constant efforts of all of our employees, we are able to continue to offer innovate products while continuing to offer the stable production quality required by our customers for production of their goods.

    We have integrated the highest quality standards into every key aspect of our operation, including the development stage, the processing stage and finishing stage, and we continually monitor the performance of all of our products against exacting standards.  

    Our test instruments and methodology have been implemented in strict accordance with SATRA laboratory standards.  This allows us to meet even the most rigorous design and procurement standards.